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Top 11 Best Minecraft Songs [Animated Music Videos] 2020✓

Minecraft is the most played game in the year, over 10 million players around the world played this game.

Today I will shows the playlist of top 11 Best Minecraft songs.

Minecraft is the best educational, adventures and interesting game. This is 2D game but get the interesting ideas.

Minecraft Songs
Minecraft Songs

Minecraft is highly popular in game streaming industry. The big youtubers like PewDiePie, tfue and many others start their game streaming with Minecraft Songs 1 Hour. PewDiePie is known as the biggest and best player of Game.

Today Minecraft is not only the game because many pop artists and singers make a songs on it.

The first song of game is released on 2013 by game lovers team.

Present time more than 10k songs are available in YouTube and many other sites.

I will present you the best 11 Minecraft songs of all time. If you interested in game, read this article and listen the best songs.

Top 11 Best Minecraft Songs Music Videos

1. PewDiePie : Mine all day

You know PewDiePie is the best Minecraft player and big promoter of the game. He makes this song for encouraging the all players.

This song is created by us and officially released with Minecraft company on the YouTube. The song reached 10 million views only in 1 week.

2. Dan Bull : Animated Video Song

Dan Bull is a animated video creator like Minecraft music Herobrine own their youtubers channel over the 1 million+ subscribers.

This song is shows the real game experience of game. The song is highly animated and feels the 4D experience. This song is best for understanding the Minecraft.

3. CubeWorks : Minecraft Music 2017

The CubeWorks is also a youtuber and game streamer. The song is best for listening and enjoying.

This song is released 2017 and most popular because the sound is watch more than 28 million times on YouTube.

4. Rainimator : Cold as Ice

The song is on winter mode in Minecraft. This song is good for listening because very litter bits in it.

This song is also a most vied song which cross 56 million view on all platforms.

The Rainimator is fomous for crating videos like Minecraft Songs Top 5. The song is well animated and feels good.

5. CubeWorks : Diamond Sword

This is another song by CubeWorks and Tryhardninja . The song present the tough challenges in Minecraft.

This song mainly on Diamond Sword Minecraft music in game. The man is runs with Diamond Sword and face many adventures and many more explain in it.

6. EnchantedMob : It’s Me

The song is best animated Minecraft song in this list because the full song video animated in 5D and the graphics are really great.

This song is awesome and full of romanch. The song include thriller and fear.

This song also available in Spotify and iTunes. This song is best for music lovers.

7. 3A Display : Five Night’s at Freddy’s

This song about the friendship in Minecraft. The game presents the multiplayer game situations.

I multiplayer many players are respect each other and their friends. The song is well animated and graphics are best.

This song cross around 8 million views only in month. Watch this song for friendship.

8. Dan Bull : Minecraft Songs Creeper

This is first Minecraft songs creeper top 10 Rap and most views across  40 million people’s watch this song.

This song also created by Dan Bull and release on YouTube on 2014. This song is only 3 minute but getting the best enjoyment.

This rap video is good for listening and get feels of raps on Eminem. If you like rap songs so listening this song.

9. Minecraft James : Psycho Girl

This song is reached more than 68 million views and popular as the Minecraft James video.

This is famous youtuber fro their songs. This song is so motivational and full rocking.

This song explain the server mod of game. This song is one of the best songs by James.

10. AndyBTTF : Drown to the bitter

This song is released on YouTube in October 2019 with Minecraft Songs Tnt and reaches 5 million views only in month.

This song is created by youtuber AndyBTTFF. This song is only for entertainment in Minecraft.

This song is best for listening and the tune of the song is great. Some are binaural beats are mixed in this song.

This song is full thriller and rock. Listen this song for more.

11. Minecraft James : Boys Can’t Beat Me

This is another famous Minecraft Songs Parody. This song are war between girls and boys in game.

Two sides of war are explained but as you know Girls beats the boy. This is full rocking song and full of thriller romanch.

I promise you love this song. Listen this song for more.

Minecraft Music

Minecraft Music
Minecraft Music

Music is art and music make life special. The music is essense of life. Songs are the part that of music.

In fact, Today's the more than 100 million songs are available in the world. In 2018, "Daspasito" is more popular song.

Present days Minecraft Music also makes and released. Check this Best Minecraft Songs.

Some Asked Questions about Minecraft Songs ( FAQs )

Is Minecraft for free? Or Can you download Minecraft for free?

No, but may be Yes. Official Game is not free and the price is around $10 for all counties.

But many of APK sites get free Minecraft APK which includes all features like paid version.

In free version all the features are same and beta version also available. If you want to free minecraft game go below.

How much is Minecraft on PC?

Minecraft beta version specially for PC is available for $26.95 on all play station and stores.

But many sites provides free beta version for PC. This version is runs on Windows, Linux ( emulater ) and Mac Os.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

This game is definitely good for kids. In fact, in USA many schools suggest play Minecraft because the game is creative and educational.

In game, "Educational Mode" is specially make for kids for education in game.

What is your opinion about that? 

Better believe it, isn't that insane? I wager some child resembles, "I absolutely need to tune in to Steve Reich now!".

We never planned the game to be for kids by any means. We needed the game to have blood, material science and detonating bodies, however that was in 2008.

Go here for Secret Minecraft Tricks.

What was your first nature while making music for Minecraft? 

At the time I was keen on games with music that shocks you totally. The best case of this is Dwarf Fortress.

It's presumably the ugliest game on the planet since it's in MS-DOS, however it's the most mind boggling game you could envision.

This post is for Minecraft Lovers like me who play this game in 2020 when other 3D games are available but We enjoying to explore the world and education.

East or West, Minecraft is Best!
Minecraft Songs Review
These songs are only created for entertainment and appreciate the gamers.
Final Words about Minecraft Music 
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